about phil

At the moment I primarily work in Microstock. There are a lot of different niches for a photographer to earn a living but microstock is one of the few in which you can shoot what you want to shoot and sell the shots on an international level. It's very time consuming and difficult with slow and modest returns but for now it's the niche I work in. I don't limit myself in subject matter however, and as a result, I can get quite a few fine art photos in the process. The agencies I work with are listed below and the links to my portfolio on each agency are here: ShutterstockFotoliaDreamstime | DepositPhotos.


I have been an artist, designer and photographer for years and years. I first picked up a paint brush to do my first oil painting at 12 and began winning prizes and selling work all through my teens. I began my work in photography when I took a black and white photography course in college. I had to buy a 35mm for the class so I found an old, used Yashica FX-3 which was a popular model in the 80's. I used that camera for almost 20 years (tough camera) before upgrading to a digital in 2008.

Digital photography is a step up in almost every way over film. It allows for more experimentation since there are no development or film costs, it's cleaner and it's immediate. In other words you can see if the shot you just took works without having to wind up the film and take it to the lab. The only downside with digital is there is a certain discipline needed as it's easy to just snap away and hope for the best. With film, due to the cost, you're required to be more considered and careful with framing.

My work in digital photography has allowed me to expand my business (graphic design) and offer new services. More than that though it has allowed me to record the moments and the places/people/things in life that move me and hopefully others.

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