photography services and rates

I work in a very free form way and prefer not to define rigid packages i.e. this many photos in this much time for this much money. I prefer to let inspiration dictate. If it takes an hour to do the shoot or it takes the day, I won't quit if you don't until we get exactly what you want.

We would work in the studio or on location depending on the desired setting and feel, and take as long as it takes to get the shots we want. We can do several setups, wardrobe changes, locations and try different things.

It would cost $150 for the session and you'll get the results, as many high-res fully developed shots as we do during the session that pass the standards test, on a disk. The only extra cost would be if you want prints.

Prints cost

$2.50 per 4x6.

$15.00 per 8"x10"

$25.00 per 10"x14"

$35.00 per 12"x18"

(framing can be done as well, we can talk about that cost as needed).

I don't do weddings but other than that it's all good. If the session really cooks we can even talk about a discount if you are willing to sign a model release. Ask me about it.